Are you ready to take the 30 mins: 30 days Essex Street tag challenge?

Street Tag has teamed up with Essex County Council!!

Street Tag rewards you to walk, run, and use the stairs and cycle, by earning virtual points on streets, stairs and parks for you and your team. You can also spend the points in some local businesses soon!

Keep an eye out for the QR codes to earn you points by taking the stairs regularly. The more points you scan, the more you earn, the better!

Don’t miss out on the weekly special tags and the occasional challenges to earn outstanding rewards!

You can use the Street Tag app to earn points on your daily walks or while you are running your work errands!

Be active for 30 minutes for 30 days and climb up the leaderboard to win big!

Register via the Street Tag app NOW, create or join a team and start earning 30:30 Challenge points!

How to get started?

1. Download the App “Street Tag” from the Play Store/ App Store.

2. Click on sign up.

3. Fill in your details.

4. Password should be at least 8 characters with 1 special character, 1 upper case and 1 number.

5. Select “30:30 Essex Challenge” Event Location and “30:30 Essex Challenge” as Event Circuit.

6. Click YES if you have a team QR Code or else go to step 7.

7. Create a Team name.

8. Put more details (Postcode, DOB)

9. Click Sign Up

10. Verify either with email or phone number (we recommend phone number as its faster).

11. Fill in the health questionnaire

12. You are ready to go.

13. Have your app open, once you are within a 40m radius of a tag, your app will automagically scan it and the points will be added into your account. However, the QR code tags on the stairs require you to click the stairs symbol on the top screen of your app.

How To Scan QR CODES on the stairs?

1. First, click on the stairs button at the top right of the screen.

2. A list will appear including building name e.g. Block B, Block C, Seax House.

3. Select the required building.

4. The floor levels of the selected building will appear e.g.; Floor 1, Floor 2

5. Select the scan button on the required floor to scan and earn your points.

Features of the App:

Menu (top left) where you will see

1. Leaderboard: The leader board displays your rank, team name and the amount of points you have.

2. Opportunity: The opportunity section is a way for all participants (taggers) to know what’s going on and the new things that you should look out for!!

3. Dashboard: You can view your team scores and individual players score. Miles / distance covered.

4. Tags can be seen on the main screen map. Tags are yellow. Once they are scanned they change colour. A tag cannot be re scanned within an hour.

5. Tags with a Star are more than 10 points in value.

Happy Tagging!!