Q: How do I Join Street-tag?
Search and download the streettag app on or
On the app, click on sign-up- it is absolutely free.
Enter in your information: Full name, username, select Barking and Dagenham Parks for location and circuit list, if you already have a team, click the Join the team checkbox and enter the team Id (and other team details), email, postcode, gender, birthday, password (and confirm password).
Click the “Sign Up” button. Verify your account either with your email or phone number. If all your information is correct, you will receive a verification message on either of the options you have chosen.
Open the verification email. It may take a few minutes for the email to get delivered. Click the link in the email to activate your account, you should get a message informing you that your account has been verified.
On the menu, add a profile picture. The first thing you should do after creating an account is add a profile picture. This will allow others to quickly see who you are, making conversations between teams easier.

Q: How do I create a team?
A. Click on the create team icon at the bottom of your screen. Enter your the name of your team; your location and circuit list will be updated if you entered it while creating your account. Click on create team and your details will be registered.

Q: How do I add players to my team?
A. Click on the create team icon and click add player. You can add up min of 3 and max of 5 friends to your team.

Q: How do I earn points?
A. During the Street Tag game, you record your distance walked by scanning virtual tags with your smartphone at various locations, and watch your total distance accumulate to climb up on the leaderboard. Once you are within 40 meter radius of a tag, you will get a screen pop that prompts you to earn the points - follow the instructions on the screen to earn your points. The more tags you scan or locations you visit, the more points you will earn (bonus points are also available). Earn 200 bonus points after every 18 tags that you scan. Read this blog for more on how to maximise your points: Our top tips to climb the leaderboad on Street Tag.

Q: What Incentives are available?
A.There are fantastic prizes on offer for individuals and teams. Registered players can win a variety of gifts; all you need to do is to scan the QR codes and get more points, the more your points the more your chances of winning the fantastic gifts.

Q: How do I find the QR Codes?
A. Street Tag mainly uses virtual tags, however some locations and buildings have QR codes. The app map screen will typically display locations with QR codes. To view these locations, check the map on the App (the map is the default screen on the app).

Q: How do I check my points?
A. You can check your points by visiting the Leaderboard accessible through the side menu, alternatively click the dashboard icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Q: What if my points are not updated?
A. If this happens please contact us through the chat support on the app or you can email: seun@streettag.co.uk To raise a ticket support, use the contact us through located in your app settings.

Q: How do I know if I have won a prize?
A. We will contact you directly via email or phone. You can follow us on our Social Media platforms for announcement of winners.

Q: What software requirements will be needed to download the app on android?
A. The minimum OS version needs to be KitKat 4.4, the target OS version to run the app smoothly is Oreo 8.1

Q: Some of the tags have disappeared on the map Do you know why?
A. The tags behave slightly differently now. Only all tags within 1 mile of your location will appear on your map... As you move around, some will drop off the map if they are not within your 1mile radius and others will appear. We've done this to improve the loading time.

Q: What can I get for Street Tag Points?
A. Cash, vouchers, goods, services & experiences ranging from massage sessions, sauna to running shoes, to bikes and Apple Watches.

You can also donate your Street Tag Points to some of your amazing local charities, an easy way to help others locally. (Coming Soon)

Q: Age limit on who can play?
A. 3+ can participate in Street Tag. Parents can have add up to two children onto their main account.

Q: How to Add a child into your parent account?
A. Tips for Parents/Guardians to add a child as a player into the team.

1. Make sure your child has an Email ID.

2. A parent can add max 2 children as players P1 and P2.

3. Click on 'add player' icon on the main map screen of the app, this is located on the bottom left of the screen.

4.  Fill in all the details to add a player.

5. Go to main menu on your Street Tag app and click on Profile.

6. Select Add P1 and P2 option to complete activation.

Once a child is added as a player. You will notice P1/ P2 option appearing on your main screen.

While tagging with your children, please tap on P1/P2 to scan a tag for them.

Happy Tagging !!

Q: What is "Give Reward"?
A. Give rewards can only be be used by the team captain to give 100 points free rewards to another team on the Leaderboard. Click on give rewards from the app menu, select the team to give 100 free points to, and that's it. Good deeds.

Q: How to recover your password?
A. If you've signed up with Facebook or Google mail auto sign in, you should attempt to sign in this way again.

If you had signed up manually, attempt to use the password recovery on the sign in screen.

If either option is not working for you, kindly raise a ticket with us and we will be able to help you after checking some security questions with you.

Q: To use your child account connected to your main account on Street Tag.
A. Your account will Auto Scan if you're on auto scanning mode, however to scan P1 or P2, you have to tap the P1 button for each tag to scan the child account.

Q: How to change your team name on Street Tag?

If you are a captain of your team, you can change your team name anytime by following these steps:

i. Click on Add button icon at the bottom of your map on main screen.

ii. You will notice an Edit button in the page, Click it now and you can see Edit bar blinking on Team name. Type a team name or edit the same team name according to your wish.

iii. Once you're done typing your team name, Click on 'Update' button.

Your team name will be updated successfully.