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Welcome our family of app users as your customers, and grow your business with Street Tag digital loyalty program.

Join our digital loyalty program powered by Street Tag, to gain foot traffic and drive sales to your business.

Street Tag for Local Businesses is offering your business an opportunity to be a part of our local community loyalty program. We want local people to spend their money more locally with you, whilst at the same time we inspire more residents to be physically active in the neighborhood. There are lots of positive reasons as to why residents being more physically active, leads to a better positive mental health, this leads to better productivity, and better time and experiences spent in the neighborhood.  

Residents are already earning what we call "tags" from walking, cycling and running using the Street Tag app. We are now introducing an additional layer for residents to collect Street Tag points each day that they visit your business (or order online) and spend over £5. After every 5 order from your business i.e. on the 6th order, your business will be required to provide up to a 40% discount on a selection of items or services in your business to the ordering customer/resident, to redeem the 40% discount, the resident/customer will need to use 10,000 Street Tag points. The process repeats. 

1. Your participation in this programme will bring you frequent and repeated customers, and you can simply opt-out at any time.  

2. The technology and dashboard to track your offer sales at no cost to you i.e. for free for 6 months. We say for free for 6 months as we might consider charging a nominal fee of let's say £35/year if after 6 months we all review and like the value that it brings to your business and the brand exposure that it brings to your business. 

3. We will provide you with promotional materials and everything that you will need to get started. 

So far, we have had nearly 3000 residents using the Street Tag app; they’ve walked and cycled 60,000 active miles to earn over 500,000 Street Tag points around the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, and in parks. 

We would love to have you on board with this programme and for you to use our technology to power your business customer loyalty programme. This is usually the technology for the big corporations, now you can level the playing field.

Residents i.e. customers will see the following information presented to them as one of the many ways that your customers will discover your business’s loyalty programme.

Street Tag Rewards (@ name of local businesses)
Are you thinking there is no such thing as a free breakfast or free sauna? Think again.

Install the Street Tag app and create an account

Start earning tags around you from walking, cycling, and running and for shopping with local businesses - to redeem rewards with local businesses in your neighborhood. 


Collect Street Tag points each day you visit a local business or order online and spend over £5. After every 5 order at your local business i.e. on the 6th order, the local business will provide up to a 40% discount on a selection of items or services. You will need to use 10,000 Street Tag points to redeem the discount. The process repeats.

Street Tag Points turn into rewards and rewards mean discounts in your neighborhood at your local community business. 

Time to get started! Install the Street Tag app.

*Rewards expire after one year, so use them, don't lose them.

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