4 reasons why you should cheat on your home 🏡


If your home can have you for a few hours, why can’t you have a few more hours outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and fall in love with your local green spaces?

You deserve it!

You deserve so much better. Forget about sitting on your sofa, the boredom at home, the stress at work, the weekend tiredness, the kids playing video games, the TV.

Go out with us instead. We’re not a personal trainer or a gym, but we can do things a personal trainer and a gym can only dream of:


● Earn Street Tag's on your street and in parks, to bag your team more prizes.

● Join your neighbours at the park for the Saturday's 500 special TAGs

● With us, walk more, cycle more and schedule runs with your friends, family, and neighbours.

● Accumulate your Street Tag points and look forward to a future opportunity to "Pay with Street Tag".

You know you want to. Charge your smartphone, go outdoors and cheat on your home.

Odubanjo Brothers