Top 10 Teams in Barking and Dagenham Winter Street Tag 2019

Congratulations to the final Top 10 Teams of the Barking and Dagenham Street Tag Winter between 27th November 2018 and 24th February 2019. And an even bigger congratulations to all the residents that have taken part, it has been an amazing 3 months experience. You've inspired us with your determination, community cohesion and shown us that you love Barking and Dagenham streets and its green spaces. 

Together as a community you've visited a few parks in the borough (list below), laughed, socialised and taken several group selfies. Some neighbours have even had lunchtime walks in the city to earn tags. And we even gave you 4 reasons why you should cheat on your home and many experiences together. 

Old Dagenham Park

Greatfields Park

Mayesbrook Park

Valence Park

Parsloes Park 

Central Park 

Pondfield Park

Barking Park

During the 3 months leaderboard, you covered 11,765 Miles. Just between a total no. of 556 resident who did atleast one scan. You all came together to form a total no. of 396 teams. One Borough, One Community! You all scanned 145,968 no. of tags delightfully!

The Goodsons                        (1st place prize)

Du Toits                                   (2nd place prize)

Community Concord               (2nd place prize)

BarkingBoys                            (4th place prize)

Health is wealth                       (5th place prize)

Smile!                                      (6th place prize)

Team Super                             (7th place prize)

walking warriors                      (8th place prize)

School Tagger!                        (9th place prize)

Sundaysun                              (10th place prize)

Due to an unanticipated technical difficulty on the last day of the leaderboard, we are declaring a joint 2nd place. 

Some of our early lessons learnt and adjustments in the new Barking and Dagenham Leaderboard and other future leaderboards.

1. The referral process has been upgraded slightly, going forward it would work as "Give 1,000 points and earn 200 points", this way you are giving new residents/families a good push up to start them off. In addition, to get the referral bonus, the new account being referred now needs to complete at least 60 tags in other to get the referral bonus.

2. Existing teams on the leaderboard cannot merge in the last 21 days to the end of the Leaderboard. A fresh new account can still join teams. 

3. An account's points will soon be automatically moving with accounts if you are an existing team, joining another team. Only a maximum of 6 players is still allowed in a team. In the meantime, if you are doing such, give us heads up to manually enable your points to reflect. Joining team still works fine and can be done by you, it's just the points that need manual movement temporarily. 

4. Once a Leaderboard end date is completed, all points earned after this will not appear towards Leaderboard but it will go towards the dashboard of your account. Points will start going towards Leaderboard again once the reset/restart has been set.

5. We are looking into how we can expand the prize to the top 15 teams in the new round in Barking and Dagenham, we will make an announcement by the end of this week. 

Please read our terms and conditions, and be reminded kindly that we reserve the rights to final decisions on Street Tag related activities. 

Make exercise a part of your daily routine with your family, friends, and neighbours. Your Street, Your Active Playground.

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