Do you believe in love at first tag?

It's not you, its them

They know it’s not working. You know it’s not working. There’s no point continuing out of sheer habit. It’s time to end things with your gym and sofa and move on to something better…

Love at first tag

Make your Street Tag app your primary fitness app and discover love at first tag on your streets and green spaces. We’ll put the passion back into your relationship with being physically active – unlike your sofa, we’re much better at giving than receiving:

● Street Tag points on all your movements, use the Street Tag app to move around in your community

● The only active lifestyle app that let's you seamlessly be active with your friends, family, neighbours as a team

● Unrestricted access to your app 24/7 

● 18 tags, we go the extra mile to reward you with 200 bonus points after every 18 tags that you earn

● Earn Street Tag's on your street and in parks, to bag your team more prizes.

● Join your neighbours at the park for the Saturday's 500 points special TAGs

● With us, walk more, cycle more and schedule runs with your friends, family, and neighbours.

● Accumulate your Street Tag points and look forward to a future opportunity to "Pay with Street Tag" in stores.

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Street Tag