14 different way that you can use Street Tag in your community

Street Tag is a platform that uses virtual tags to incentivize inactive communities and families to become more active.


  • Street Tag brings together inactive communities using behaviour change incentivisation through the gamification of open and community spaces.

  • The organisation was supported in 2018/2019 as part of a Sport England, London Sport and Mayor of London new business accelerator program – Sport Tech Hub.

  • Shortlisted for the London Sport Awards March 2019, in the ‘Technology for Participation’ category.


  • Inactivity runs rampant in the UK, attributing to 1 in 6 deaths and costing the NHS billions every year.

  • At the same time, Local government and NHS budgets are being slashed at a time when intervention in physical activity is needed more than ever.

  • Traditional exercise schemes that target active audiences often fail to incentivise or may alienate inactive people.


  • For communities, Street Tag is exceptional at bringing together families, neighbours and communities to get out more, by turning their streets into a virtual playground, to increase residents' outdoor experience in walking, running and cycling more to earn rewards.

  • We do this through a smartphone app for families (and sometimes group of Schools) to create a profile, there can be up to 6 members/players in each team (up to 500 in a school team competing against other schools). During the Street Tag experience, participants record their distance walked, ran or cycled by scanning virtual tags with their smartphone at various locations, watching their total distance accumulate to climb up on the local leaderboard, creating competition, being physically active, connecting with green spaces, an opportunity to rediscovering their area, and earning prizes.

1. Street Tag can be used to get your residents to spend more time taking part in physical activities outdoors.

So far in London Borough of Barking and Dagenham alone within 18 months, 2500 active residents have created 470 Street Tag teams, and they have done 70,000+ active miles travelled by walking and cycling thanks to Street Tag. With 500,000+ virtual tags scanned/collected by the families and 14,100,000 points reward has been distributed to families through the Street Tag app.

2. Use it to connect neighbours to socialise.

3. Use it to connect your residents to visit their libraries to borrow books and earn Street Tag points reward when they do so at the library.

4. Use it to connect residents with local business trades, Street Tag can empower local businesses to reward customers with rewards points when they visit their stores.

5. Use it to capture your monthly insight stats on how physically active your residents are.

6. Use it to capture the top places that your residents like to visit in your local area.

7. Use it to direct foot traffic to your preferred location, landmarks or events.

8. Use it to reward your residents for keeping active and for community participation. And bringing your community together with positive cohesion.

9. Add and build in your various community services to link through the Street Tag funnel for your community e.g. you can reward residents with rewards for attending local healthy cooking workshops etc

10. Use it with your local schools, and get the staff, parents and children moving more together.

11. Use it to save cost and buy into the growing community. It also serves as an investment for your residents' health and potentially their financial income (more on this in a future blog, alternatively we are happy to share what we have coming up in the future confidentially on a call or in-person)

12. Use it to nudge your residents to visit the local leisure centres more often.

13. Use it to nudge and incentivise your residents to eat healthier food options when shopping.

14. Overall, Street Tag is very flexible and our technology can be adapted to your needs in most cases. We are open to suggestions for new use cases.


  • Virtual tags are placed in popular walking routes and areas with green space to encourage secondary activity.

  • Users walk, run or cycle to virtual tags which are placed on the interface of the app.

  • Virtual Tags are worth an average 10 points per tag. Once users are near/within a 40-meter radius of a tag, the player receive the points which help the player/team to move up the leaderboard.

  • At the end of the challenge (be that bi-monthly or quarterly Leaderboard). The top 15 teams are given prizes. There are also other opportunities for teams to win secondary prizes during the leaderboard activity such as the #CashTagHunt that are spread across the community.

  • Tags change colour to red once they have been scanned, and cannot be scanned again for another hour, thus encouraging the user to explore other tags that are not yet scanned.

Connect with us at Street Tag if you’d like to learn more or work with us. Contact us via our website.

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