Get Rewarded To Walk

We’re coming up to the New Year, so there will be a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions and getting gym memberships. You may even have been considering signing up yourself, and fair enough, it’s a great way to stay in shape! You may have even eyed up a Pilates class, a Zumba class or two, and again, they are both great ways to burn some calories and get active. But there are other roads to fitness that are cheaper, simpler and accessible to all. Yes all, whether you’re a beginner, or a gym bunny, you can go for a walk! So, put down that Apple Cider Vinegar and let’s talk about another way to lose weight and get active. Street Tag.


Street Tag is a fun and innovative game that helps you rediscover your local area. You can do it alone, as a team, or as a family. The aim is to get you up and about, looking around your community and earning rewards all at the same time. Using a referral code, you can link up with other players and keep each other motivated. Street Tag is free and easy to use, you can download it on your smartphone. The app turns your local area into an interactive playground, and as you collect points and climb the leader-board you can earn prizes. Currently, our biggest prize is a share of £2,000 for residents of Barking and Dagenham, that you (or your team) can spend on whatever you like!


Right now, we’re looking into getting some offers from both online and local retailers to give you more spending power and a wider range of rewards. So not only are you improving your health and getting some exercise, you’re also stacking points and getting rewarded, it’s a win-win situation.


Let’s be honest, a lot of us spend our time googling fad diets and phrases like “lose weight fast” and “how to lose belly fat”. We can save you some time; the answer is very simple: make healthier choices. Eat less, move more. If you want to lose weight, that’s a great goal, and we applaud you, but we believe if you make your goal about getting healthier, you’ll approach it differently and the outcome will be more positive. Your emphasis shouldn’t be on what you’re losing, but rather what you are doing to change your situation.


A simple 30 minute walk can help you get some fresh air, work your muscles, and burn some unwanted calories. Getting up and out also improves your mental health, reduces the risks of debilitating diseases and can even lengthen your life! If you are consistent; you will find that being active only gets easier, your body gets stronger and your overall health improves.


So why not grab a few friends, and do a lap around your local park? You can do it in your own time, and aim to be just a little faster each time. Gradually, you will find that you will want to challenge yourself, and go a little further too. With Street Tag, the more you move, the more points you earn! The more points you earn, the more rewards you can bank. You are literally getting rewarded to walk! While you move, scan the virtual tags around you to track your progress.

Did we mention that you can also earn points while you run and cycle? If you’ve been reading this and you feel walking is a bit too easy, there’s no excuse! Why don’t you put on your running shoes and go for a jog around the park, or if you like to cycle, do a lap? We just want you to get moving, get your lungs pumping and take steps towards being a healthier you!

It’s time to download Street Tag and get rewarded for walking, running or cycling! It’s free!


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