Important Update #1 Street Tag

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On the 7th January 2019 afternoon, we unintentionally released an Android update live that was meant for beta testing. This lead to an error that allowed some users to gain an unintended advantage without doing the physical activities required to earn the Street Tag Points. The right way of how the app works is to physically visit each tag stations to earn the tags. The bug, unfortunately, allowed some users on Android to earn unlimited tags by simply standing in one location.

We were able to roll back the Android update on the 7th in the evening on the play store to the stable version.

Some accounts were flagged for taking advantage of the error, fair play :). To fix the error and make it fair for all residents taking part on the various leaderboards, we have sent an email to the concerned accounts that their error points only will be cut by up to 80% and we will reward them with the 20% that's left to keep.

We have since worked to fix the error and updated the app for better performance. However, we discovered today 11th January 2019 that the very latest Android Operating System 9 is somewhat buggy (this is common with the new OS). We are working to stabilise the app for accounts that are using the latest Android OS 9.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Magic is coming soon!

Update on joining teams

P.S. We are aware some users are having a challenge navigating how to join existing teams. We are working on making this a lot easier very soon (within a week or two), kindly bear with us. In the meantime to join teams or for others to join your team, please follow these steps.

{Go to 'profile' in the side menu on the app > click on 'Join Team' > there will be a QR code and a scanning camera button, for another player to join your team, ask the player to scan your QR code or to join someone else's team, scan their QR code.}

What we plan to do to make this easier is to have "Join Team" as a stand-alone text in the app's side menu, rather than having to navigate to profile, thus making it easier to discover.

Please contact us directly if anyone needs any further assistance by raising a support ticket in the app or via social media DM.

We are not quite close to perfection with the app, but we are working towards it and very open-minded about working with local residents (our users) to improve. We want you all to help us to be better.

In the meantime, the app is working really well with fast performance for 95% of residents/accounts.

Wishing everyone a happy tagging experience.

P.S. if you are participating in the "Barking and Dagenham" Leaderboard, we will be having tomorrow's 500 SPECIAL reward points appearing in Central Park, Dagenham at 1pm.

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