Our top tips to climb the leaderboard on Street Tag

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1. If you scan at least 18 Tags within 5 hours, you earn 200 bonus points extra. P.S. We are currently testing an update that will now be giving 200 bonus points after every 18 tags scanned, thus removing the daily bonus cap. You will start to notice this update over the next few days as we roll it out. This feature has come highly requested from our existing taggers, and our web developer 'Khushal' has done a great job to make it a reality.

2. If you scan at least 18 tags in 24 hours, you earn extra 50 bonus points.

3. For every new user that use your invitation code to join Street tag, you will earn 1000 free Points and the new user also earn 1000 free. We encourage you to ask friends, family, and your neighbour to use your "Invite code". Please note it's essential that the new user joining use your invitation code when signing up in other to receive the free 1000 points, which can be found in the app's side menu "Get Free Points". The invited user has to scan at least 6 tags on their new account, in other for both of you to receive 1000 each.

4. On Saturdays at 1pm, we have special tags worth 500 that tour different parks in the borough (currently in 'Barking & Dagenham' circuit only), look out for this in the "opportunity" section of the app side menu and on our social media announcement pages.

5. Plan an extra 30 minutes evening walk into your daily routine, to give yourself more chance of earning more tags and clearing your mind on the walk before bed. You can also wake up 30 minutes early in the morning to go for a Street Tag walk, a great way to start off preparing your day.

6. Explore new areas as you are likely to find some tags with double points per tag. We have some tags that give 20 and even 30 points instead of the 10.

7. Have a few more people in your team, even if its just one more team member. Ask friends and family members to join your team, and it might be easier to ask them to start by aiming for just 10 tags a day and double this number weekly. This way it doesn't feel daunting for your new team members.

Have any other tips that have been working for you? share it with us and we can add them to the list. Let's all keep physically active together.

8. On your way home from a work day if you're using the bus transport service, consider getting off the bus, 4 stops away from your house and earn tags as you walk home. Similarly if you get the train home after work, earn tags as you walk home from the train station. If tags are not active on your route, you can request for new tags here.

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