Citizens of the world, we bring you tags on your street!


We are delighted to announce that we have now created a "World" Leaderboard circuit/location on the Street Tag app for you to join especially if we do not currently have a *local Street Tag Leaderboard* in your town. 


We've done this to ensure you are not missing out on the great benefits of Street Tag to your physical health. 


"This app has made us really energetic in last 5 days. Regular walks to park. In fact, if I have to go out, first I check the tags then accordingly I plan my walk. You guys are really doing a great job. Your team is quite efficient" MJ


"All are enjoying the walks and views.... good thought to initiate something like this! One friend in the team is pregnant so she finds it useful and another had surgery so after bed rest for 4 weeks she is happy to walk too" Deepa


A simple breakdown of how Street Tag works. 

1. Walk/cycle/run to collect virtual tags around you as an individual or as part of a team

2. Move up on “World” leaderboard

3. Earn rewards


Bwaalaa! simple, fun, engaging with a load of good health benefits. Oh, and we are always willing to assist if you have any questions or have issues with the app. Use the contact us inside the app to raise a ticket, use our social media @StreetTagHQ 


Once you've installed the app (app store & play store), ensure you select your location/circuit as "World" if you do not have a local leaderboard appearing yet. 


Currently, the tags to earn are not everywhere (we are getting there) but it's very easy to request for tags. If you regularly visit an area that doesn't have tags or you want tags on your street, give us a buzz to let us know and we will make sure new tags appear


"It would be great to have some tags on Rainham Road South (between Oxlow Lane and Pondfield Park/ Dagenham East Station) as instead of taking the bus to the tube station I make an extended round around William Bellamy Primary School, Frizlands Lane, Oxlow Lane and then walk to Pondfield Park on my way to Dagenham East (occasionally to Heathway but it’s too difficult to get a seat there). Would love to be able to collect more points on the way. It’s simply just too dark to go inside Central Park or part of Pondfield Park early in the morning. I love my morning walks!! Thank you" Claudia


Increase your walking for leisure, active travel, help reduce pollution levels, and ultimately enjoy the physical exercise/walks for the positive benefits to your health. 


Get Street Tag App on the App Store  

Get Street Tag App on the Play Store

To help you get started, we have shared our top tips to climb the leaderboard on Street Tag


The "World" leaderboard will run till the end of March 2019.

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