We hope you're having a lovely week. We have some news for you, if you're part of the 'Barking and Dagenham' Leaderboard. 

Below is a lovely picture of some of the teams on Street Tag, taken on Saturday 19th January when the team met at the special TAG location in Barking Park.

Street tag 19th jan special tag.jpg

To celebrate the ending for this current leaderboard. We are planning a special TAG day #1MileTagChallenge, this will involve 10 special Tag's of 500 Points each, all available for 50 minutes only, the starting position tag location will be revealed several days in advance.

Date: Saturday 16th February 2019

Time: 1pm 

Location: Barking Park

We are encouraging you to arrive at the starting location 10 minutes ahead of the start time.

Hot drinks will be provided for you at the starting location.

We would love for you to join this #1MileTagChallenge, it promises to be a fun day and an excellent chance for you to earn a few more Street Tag points before the end of this current leaderboard.

Please invite some friends, neighbours or families along. 

Street tag 26th jan special tag (1).jpg

P. S. We are working towards making sure a new Leaderboard starts straight after this current one finishes.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of Street Tag. The fact that you signed up, has contributed to our teams' confidence. Thank you, and thank you, we look forward to continuing to helping you live a healthy life. 

See you soon. 

Seun Oshinaike & the Street Tag team. 


Street Tag