Start and Evolve

We turned all your collective views on your world view on being healthy, into an inspiration for the Street Tag community. Have a read for inspiration and send us yours.

Start by being happy from the inside

Start by having enough sleep

Start by spending your time in a positive and natural environment

Start by having social wellbeing for living a full life.

Start by doing fun things with family and friends for your mental wellbeing

Start with a limit on unhealthy food

Start by being regularly active

Start by having a mental and spiritual health

Evolve to being emotionally healthy

Evolve to having a work-life balance

Evolve with the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems

Evolve to switching off from time to time to recharge your batteries

Evolve to having a good physical and mental well being

Evolve to exercising daily

Evolve to being healthy with less visit to the GP

Start with the intent to live longer, manage stress and become healthier

To be healthy it is lifelong, daily commitment!

It starts with STREET TAG...

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