Starting from this Saturday 27th April 2019 in Barking and Dagenham.

4 Dinners, 4 Different Teams, in 4 Weeks. - as a prize reward for the whole of your team to have dinner with the founder of Street Tag on Fridays. It's our chance to listen to more of your feedbacks, eat, laugh, and pose your questions to Street Tag etc

To win a dinner for your team, your team needs to:

1. First, share this post on our Facebook Page

2. Leave a comment to let us know how many other residents you've inspired to start using Street Tag, you can even tag new friends or family in the comment.

3. Your team needs to earn 5,000 points between Saturdays and Tuesdays. Any first 10 teams on the Barking and Dagenham Leaderboard to earn 5,000 Street Tag points will have a chance for their team to be selected as the winner each week on a Wednesday, on a Facebook Live draw at 7:30pm. Only your "Earned Points" on your app dashboard will count towards winning this prize.

4. Send us a screenshot of your dashboard before starting, to, once you've completed your challenge, send us another screenshot to confirm.

Get ready, set your team collectively a daily goal, and plan your routes around the tags with 20 points.

P.S. You can only win 1 team dinner.

Making Barking and Dagenham #MostActiveBorough

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