Earning Tags with your app closed

We have had a few taggers asking for the Street Tag app to be able to earn tags while it's closed. This image is the latest request this morning, we are going to do something about it for our community.

Thank you for all the incredible feedback. Our team will be looking at how we can give our community the option via the app settings to turn on scanning of tags in the background. If we are not able to add this feature by the end of June 2019, we will add it in our new infrastructure that we are releasing by September. I should mention that turning on this option will mean your phone battery drains slightly faster.

In the meantime, any tagger wanting to use Street Tag safely on their streets at night time... We would recommend that you go into your settings, turn off the scanning sound. While walking at night time, have your app open either in your pocket or in your bag. The app will capture all your street tag points without making the usual scanning sound.

Happy Tagging 😋


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