Street Tag new leaderboard continues June to July 2019, Barking and Dagenham

And the saga continues….

Time has come again for the new and yet another exciting Barking and Dagenham Leaderboard starting from 31st May 2019, 3pm to 31st July 2019 with lots of new features, surprises, and experiences.

Taking along all our existing Taglacious residents and welcoming the new ones with open arms.

Thank you for tagging and staying healthy with us for the past 3 months and even far back, Street Tag is made delightful and possible because of you.

Give a brisk jump to your team’s scores in the new Leaderboard in our Saturday Bonus tags in Goresbrook Park and Parsloes Park this weekend.

Don’t forget to spread the word among your family and friends. Tagging is more fun with the community and camaraderie.

Let the game begin….

In the last 3 months alone, here is just a snippet of the improvements that we have built and introduced together with your feedback.

1. Tags with a fixed set point of 20+ points now have a STAR 🌟 to identify them as not being the average 10 points tags.

2. We have brought back physical QR code in special buildings such as leisure centres, stores and workplace.

3. Auto scanning sound (On/off) option.

4. Added P1 & P2 functionality for the captain and parents to add child account onto their main account.

5. We have optimised the opportunity notifications, for notification to only go to the intended Leaderboard /circuit only.

6. We introduced the referral code system with unique link into your accounts, making earning and referrals significantly easier.

7. On referral Street Tag app now gives 1000 points for the new user and 500 Points for the tagger that referred a new resident.

8. We made it possible for a tagger to switch to the ''Classic walking mode".

9. We added the tool to download your data for all the players including P1 and p2 accounts.

10. We hope you love your app dashboard with individual total score, can you believe we didn't have that before OMG!

11. On the leaderboard you can now see the number of players in each team.

12. We created the 'School leaderboard and made special accommodation for having upto 500 parents and children representing each participating schools. What a triumph!

13. Did you notice it? We added the date stamp of when an 'opportunity' was posted to appear on the bottom right of each post.

14. We hope you all love this one as much as we do, we added an auto play video while launching the application.

15. We know how much you didn't like, the physical QR code constantly popping up on your screen even after you've scanned them on Thursdays for the weigh in, so we added a limit to scan from 1 to 3 times in a day or even made them infinite.

16. We made it possible to dynamically read the "Leaderboard start date and reset date" which appears on the top of the Leaderboard.

17. We thought hard about one of the ways to make easier to identify if you are using the latest app, so on your opening screen we have added "Latest app released on May w/c date. Version"

18. We made it possible for the app to reward you with 500 points for completing the monthly health questionnaire.

19. You asked for it so we added a "remember me" me option on the sign in/up screen.

20. We hope you love our Street tag oath that was added.

21. You asked so we made it possible to earn tags in Background Scanning mode. This one is hungry for battery consumption yum yum.

22. We extended our tags into the building by adapting the tags for Buildings (floor) using our existing Physical QR Codes.

23. We have introduced daily special tags throughout the Leaderboard programme.

Okay the list is getting really long now and so much more that we have done that hasn't made the list. What have you noticed that we haven't mentioned? Join us on socials.

Street Tag